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“You are valuable just because you exist. Not because of what you do or what you have done, but simply because you are.

Max Lucado

For kids who struggle with stress and loss in their story, whether it’s from divorce, adoption, or death of a loved one… there is a greater risk for mental health challenges.

Waiting for them to ask for help isn’t enough. You need someone who can help you be proactive in giving them strategies to build resilience and recognize that they are fully loved just as they are, regardless of behavior or feelings of brokenness. 

I believe that paving a path of preventative mental health in kids is possible. Our tools go beyond behavioral modification and front load children with the skills they need to build resilience and authentic joy.​

Let's help your child:

  • Combat false shame and breakthrough limiting beliefs.

  • Embrace new ways of managing stress and anxiety.

  • Develop a sense of worthiness & belonging.

  • Connect to themselves, others, and their story.

Wholehearted kids, Selah Kids
Trust-Based Relational Intervention, TBRI, Susan Killeen Jones

Helping Kids looks like...

Parent Coaching

Coaching to strengthen parenting strategies as well as self-care practices is available in person, by phone, or through Telehealth for parents nationwide.

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Counseling for children ages

6-12 is available through individual and group therapy in my Shelbyville, KY office.

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