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Living Intentionally: Crafting a Personal Strategy for a Grounded, Present, and Engaged Life

Hello, my Selah Warriors! I’d like to pose a question. What if we could create our lives as skillfully and mindfully as a master craftsman forms a beautiful piece of pottery from a shapeless lump of clay? This is a thought worth revisiting time and again as we seek to live lives that are vibrant, meaningful, and authentic. So let’s gather the courage within ourselves to be vulnerable to our own investigation, exhale our doubt, and dig in.

Define the Values you Mean to Live By

Purposefully creating our life is what Living intentionally is about. This involves defining our core values, our guiding lights on this journey. Are they kindness, connection, honesty, or maybe creativity? Identify the qualities you want from life that truly resonate with you. Write them down to commit them to memory. Once you’ve given names to your values, you’ll be able to live a more intentional life by consciously infuse your actions and decisions with them.

Take Action to Improve your Life

Once we have our values defined, it's time to put in the work of bringing those values into our lives in meaningful ways. Intent without action is like a map without a journey. It may look appealing, but it doesn't take us anywhere. Action can be scary because it implies purposeful change from the ways we've always done things and a world of constant uncertainty, but remember, being brave isn’t about the absence of fear; it's about stepping forward despite it and building a life. Clear your mind and let your actions reflect your values. Let them echo your intentions.

Cultivate the Presence of Intentional Living

Our modern world constantly makes us feel overwhelmed; pulls us into the future, into planning, anticipating, and worrying. It can often feel like we're always a step behind the present moment. But presence is where life happens. It's where joy unfolds, where love is felt, and where connection happens. To be present means to be grounded in the here and now, engaged in the moment and responsive to its needs. You have to show up in order to experience a life that reflects your true self, and I guarantee it’s worth showing up for.

Discover Ways to be Intentional Every Day

Survival is just a requirement for living. Our goal is a life fully, passionately, and courageously engaged in what's important to you. Living intentionally, being grounded, present and engaged, doesn't happen overnight. It's a practice that requires courage, clarity of values, action, and presence to stay on track. But as we choose to step into this process, we begin to shape our lives into a form that truly reflects who we are and what we value. So let us be the master craftspersons of our own lives, molding it day by day with intention, love, and courage.

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